Tameside Conservatives are out and about in the borough delivering their latest leaflet, showing the ridiculous stand taken by Labour – to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the mess they left after 13 years of mismanagement and waste in Government. 




In his first Party Conference speech as Prime Minister, David Cameron has laid out his vision for Government.

Speaking to Conservative Party members in Birmingham he said that just as two parties came together to form the coalition, so the entire country must now come together in the national interest. Speaking directly to the British public in a re-affirmation of his big idea of the Big Society, he said, ‘Your country needs you’.

The Prime Minister also made the case for a redefined approach to fairness – supporting people out of poverty and not trapping them in dependency.  He said, “for too long we have measured success in tackling poverty by the size of the cheque we give people. We say let’s measure our success by the chance we give.”

And he restated the case for deficit reduction, pointing out that delaying action would cost Britain more. He declared, “it means that after years of cuts not only would the national debt still be growing… the problem would still be getting worse and as a result the cuts would be bigger not smaller.”

The speech brought down the curtain on the Conservative Party’s annual gathering, which was attended by more than 12,000 people, significantly up on last year.

Watch the Prime Minister’s speech to Conference

Read a full transcript of the speech


Conservative Co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi has congratulated Ed Miliband on narrowly winning the Labour leadership election.

She called on the new leader to recognise his role in creating the financial mess that Britain is now in and tell us what he’d do to fix it.

Sayeeda said, “For the past five months, all we’ve heard from Labour is knee-jerk opposition, now’s the time for Mr Miliband to tell us how he’d cut the deficit. He promised us a Labour spending plan before the spending review, now we’d all like to see it.”

And she added, “Ed Miliband wasn’t the choice of his MPs, wasn’t the choice of Labour Party members but was put in to power by union votes. I’m afraid this looks like a great leap backwards for the Labour Party.”

Sayeeda’s comments came after a dossier was published that showed massive black holes in the spending commitments of both Miliband brothers.

The dossier, by Conservative MP Matthew Hancock, showed that both Ed and David Miliband had made massive unfunded spending commitments during the Labour leadership campaign, in which they also opposed the Coalition government’s actions to deal with Labour’s record deficit.

Both Miliband brothers had committed to £44bn worth of deficit reduction but were unable to make their sums add up, opposing individual cuts and making extra spending commitments. The shortfall in David Miliband’s spending plans added up to £55bn, while brother Ed’s was even greater at £67bn.

Read Sayeeda’s exclusive blog post by clicking here.

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The Conservatives have launched a campaign to force Gordon Brown to hold an election.

In the face of national turmoil unprecedented in post war Britain, only the dissolution of Parliament and a General Election will help the country move forward.

At the launch of the campaign, David Cameron, the Conservative Party Leader, said, “I think the scale of the problems facing Britain today – the recession, the debt crisis, and above all the political crisis – all point in one direction. I think there is now only one way of sorting out the mess, and that is for Parliament to be dissolved and for a General Election to be held right away.”

We are turning the campaign we had planned for the local and European elections into the campaign Britain now needs: a campaign for a General Election, to be held as soon as possible after the 4th June.

We want everyone – whether they support Labour, or the LibDems, or no party – to join in. Though the power of our collective pressure, we can force Gordon Brown to act.

No – there is no constitutional requirement for a General Election. Yes – this Labour Government could cling on for another year, with or without a new leader.

But we don’t think the country wants to wait another year to pass judgment on their politicians, and on this Parliament. We don’t think the country wants to wait another year before we start dealing seriously with the debt crisis and this economic crisis.

The political system in Britain today, from the Prime Minister downwards, is quite simply paralysed. And it is now abundantly clear that the country does not want to wait another year to give everyone in Westminster a simple message:

We want change – now get on with it.

Sign our petition for a General Election.



Alistair’s ‘Wonderland’ budget leaves Britain on the verge of bankruptcy

Yesterday’s Budget has left Britain on the verge of bankruptcy and was, “…a final desperate bid by the Labour Government to save its own skin,” according to the Leader of Tameside Conservatives.

Cllr. John Bell also claimed that Alistair Darling’s Budget was, “…a dishonest budget from a dishonest Labour Government….straight from Alistair’s own Wonderland.”

Cllr. Bell also pointed out that the Labour Government had been forced to admit that the country faces:

  • The longest recession since the war;
  • The fastest rise in unemployment on record;
  • Every child born already owing £22,500 in national debt; and,
  • A national debt that will double to £1.4 trillion.

Cllr. Bell said:


“This is a dishonest budget from a dishonest Labour Government that has left Britain on the verge of bankruptcy. Not once has it crossed Labour minds to tighten their belts, as they carry on with their reckless and incompetant spending splurge, expecting taxpayers to pay over £2.5 billion more in taxes before the next budget.


“Darling’s predictions for future economic growth are straight from Alistair’s own Wonderland and bear no resemblance to any prediction from any sane economist.


“After 12 years of Labour Government we are now facing the longest recession since the Second World War, the fastest rise in unemployment on record, and every child born already owing £22,500 in national debt – a national debt that will double to £1.4 trillion with Labour’s plans to borrow more over the next two years than every previous Government put together.


“Quite simply, this budget was not a budget for Britain, it was a final desperate bid by the Labour Government to save its own skin – and it will fail for that very reason.”


Read David Cameron’s response to the Budget

Find out more about our plans for the economy




Claims by Tameside Labour’s Cllr. John Taylor that “good old fashioned socialist principles” have come to the rescue of the world’s banking system have been derided by Tameside Conservatives.

In a letter to the local press, Cllr. John Bell, the Tameside Conservative Leader, placed the blame for the crisis solely with Gordon Brown.

Cllr. Bell said, “For over a decade Brown boasted about his “frugal” economy, but it was an empty boast, with an economy built on a foundation of personal debt, fuelled by a financial system deregulated by the so-called Iron Chancellor.”

Cllr. Bell attacked Brown’s failed record, which included:

  • £20 billion for a failed NHS computer system;
  • £5 billion wasted by Tax Credit cock ups;
  • £13 billion overspent on the Eurofighter; and,
  • £110 billion committed to financially wasteful PFI projects.

Cllr. Bell noted, “In the same period our national debt increased by 25 per cent to £581 billion, and an estimated ONE TRILLION pounds was wasted by Brown and his cohorts. It was a situation that one political commentator called, “…a sorry spectacle of ever-shifting policies, apparent stupidity and inveterate incompetence that is probably unequalled in British history.”

Cllr. Bell also highlighted how Brown ignored expert advice and sold half of Britain’s gold reserves in 1999, “…when prices were at a 20-year low, costing Britain an estimated £2 billion.” The infamous event became known as “Brown’s Bottom”, and today, gold prices are at a record high.

But as Cllr. Bell ominously asked, “What’s £2bn to Brown and his “good old fashioned socialist” friends in Government? As one finance expert noted, “Two billion here…two billion there. Pretty soon, you’re just funding a war in the desert or paying disability allowance to one-in-four people of working age.”

With inflation higher than it was in 1997, the country’s stock markets in free fall, unemployment set to pass the two million mark, and recession imminent, Cllr Bell said, “People have every right to ask, “What happened to our trillion?” But do Labour care? Not when they can dip into OUR pockets at will to save the day. If these are the “good old fashioned socialist principles” that Councillor Taylor is so proud of, then he should hang his head in shame.”