Stalybridge Conservatives are backing a campaign by Stalyhill Junior and Infant Schools to have their school crossing patrol reinstated.

The patrol was withdrawn before Christmas, when the schools’ lollipop lady left the role. Parents were informed that she would not be replaced due to ‘government cuts’, despite national criteria stating that the schools are entitled to a crossing patrol in order to safeguard children’s safety, and Tameside Council still having money to waste on non-essential items such as Britain in Bloom and the Tameside Citizen council newspaper.

The campaign was launched this morning with a team, that included Stalybridge councillors David Buckley, Basil Beeley and Doreen Dickinson, collecting signatures in the pouring rain for a petition that has been organised calling for the reinstatement of the crossing patrol.

An online petition has also been set up, and members of the public wanting to sign the petition can do so by clicking here.



  1. This is dreadful news. What are Tameside Council thinking? Do they want to put children’s lives at risk just to make a political point?

  2. Is it hanging baskets before children’s safety this time? So, who will be to blame when a child is seriously hurt? Wake up Tameside Council, and get the lollipop lady re-instated!

  3. So now we know how much Tameside council value childrens safety! They’ve got money for statues, why not a crossing patrol? Give us our lollipop lady back!!!!!

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